I'm Lucas Johnson

and this is what I stand for

Chemical Plant


My roots run deep here, this city is where I come from, this is where my family is from. I have spent the majority of my life right here in Augusta-Richmond County. Graduating from Augusta University with a degree in business, I have made a life for myself here. I proposed to my wife at Goshen Elementary where she taught. I was married at the Old Medical College and my firstborn son came into this world at University Hospital.


Since graduating from Augusta University I have made my living in the private sector using my skills to work in managing budgets, inventories and assisting customers with day-to-day needs. These are skills I plan to put to use to help correct some of the problems with our local government. I love my job, I wouldn't trade it for the world but this is my home and I am willing to step away to do what it takes to make this city a place where we can all be proud to raise our families.


Honesty, Transparency
& Accountability

You may not know me, but I am setting out not as a politician but as a neighbor not satisfied with the current political climate of our city. I do not have any political experience, but I know how to manage a checkbook and exhibit community pride. I believe more resources should go into the neighborhoods of Augusta and not focus on pipedreams that only cost the taxpayers money. We have many great things going for us, but the excessive spending has got to stop. I've got what it takes to represent Augusta.

Every voice should be heard and I want to hear yours!

Personal Platform

  • Maintain an honest relationship with the community built on trust and integrity.

  • Ensure the public has full access to city records and that policymaking is as open as possible.

  • Push for financial accountability in local government.

  • Use the powers of the office to promote local economic growth and the development of the community.

  • Reign in out-of-control spending by reducing the mayoral budget.